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The World's Most Annoying Toy can be many things but in this case it is a screaming chicken. Its great for kids but even better for your furry friend.



How much do you love your dog? I bet you think it’s a lot? Everyone says it’s a lot… But… Is it enough to put yourself through the sound of the World’s Most Annoying Toy, over and over again? It squeaks, it squawks, it goes chicken crazy! But your dog is sure to love it! It’s 17cm of pure, chewable goodness! There’s no doubt your dog will be jumping up and down and pawing you with delight. In fact, you are certain to be your dog’s favorite human if you treat them to this addictive, crazy, yellow chicken. You could even use it as a special treat for your dog, perhaps you sometimes get them a Christmas gift so they have something under the tree too? Or if you’re feeling especially hilarious you could buy it for a friend’s dog and watch your friend’s face with amusement when they first hear the squeaking… Just remember, we warned you, it’s super annoying!

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Rubber / Plastic




Air parcel


17cm, 30cm, 40cm


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