Watermelon Slicer


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This innovative watermelon slicer is a great kitchen life hack for people that love watermelon but hate slicing it. You can quickly slice any watermelon into 12 separate individual pieces.


  • Cut watermelons quickly and efficiently
  • Can be used for any large melons such as cantaloupes and honeydew
  • Easy cleanup
  • Safe enough for anyone to use


This easy to operate watermelon slicer strongly resembles the Apple slicer that everyone has in their kitchen. It’s now quick and easy to slice any type of melon that previously was messy and took time and patience. With the slicer, you can start enjoying your fruit right away instead of having to worry about the mess and hassle of cutting these large delicious melons. It’s also great for barbeques and picnics! For all of us that are looking for ways to make mundane tasks easier this watermelon slicer is a great time saving tool!

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Stainless Steel


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