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Water Dumbbell For Runners is an excellent fitness lifehack, these water holding dumbbells hold the water you need to power your workouts making it easy to get in shape and stay hydrated while you do it!



Is it a water bottle? Or is it a dumbbell? It’s both and it’s awesome! Are you trying to get in shape? Or perhaps you want to add some weights to your routine? Maybe you are just looking for a new water bottle? Either way, this Water Fitness Dumbbell makes the perfect addition to any workout. Whether you love to get fit at the gym, you exercise in the privacy of your own home or you love to hike up your closest mountain, this Water Fitness Dumbbell will become your favorite fitness companion. Don’t pay for expensive bottles of water when you can take your own. And don’t burden yourself with weights AND a water bottle when you can combine the two into one! The best thing about this great little product is that as you progress through your workout, drinking more water as you go, you’re naturally going to feel more tired. As this happens, the Water Fitness Dumbbell becomes lighter from you drinking the water, so it’s just the ticket for those tired muscles!

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Red 1 Pound, Green 1 Pound, Blue 1 Pound, Blue 6 Pounds, Black 6 Pounds, Red 6 Pounds, Yellow 6 Pounds, Green 6 Pounds


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