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This USB Soft Drink Fridge is an excellent lifehack for keeping your sodas and other snacks cold while at your desk at school or in the office.



Have you ever been in that situation where you are working or studying on your laptop and you’d just kill for an ice cold drink? Or where you’re gaming on your laptop and you get really thirsty but you just can’t be bothered making your way to the kitchen to get a drink? Then this amazing little product is for you! How cool would be having your own little fridge that you can actually plug into your laptop? This great mini USB powered fridge has both cooling and heating functions, so it’s also perfect for keeping drinks warm in the winter! It has a built in green / red LED indicator with a handy magnetic door catch. It fits a single can perfectly and doesn’t require any batteries. It’s temperature range is from 40-65 deg C for heating and 8-9 deg C for cooling. Why leave the comfort of your bedroom when you can keep a drink for later, just how you want it? This also makes an awesome gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on his or her computer.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Black, Red

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Metal, Hard plastic


8 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches


Air parcel


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