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The Ultimate Soft Drink Dispenser is great for anyone that loves soda and needs to save room in their refrigerator. For soda, water, or anything else you decide to put in a 2 liter bottle.



For when you just can’t be bothered picking up and pouring a soft drink bottle. Easily pop your favorite drink in! The perfect addition to any pizza and movie night. Your friends will love it! Don’t put up with flat soft drinks any longer! This awesome Drink Dispenser keeps your soft drink fresh and fizzy – just the way you like it! The fizz will last until the bottle is empty! It’s so easy to operate – anyone can do it! It’s also super convenient and is portable for easy carrying so you can even take it to your friend’s place. It’s washable and reusable so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Don’t leave it at home – take it with you to parties or camping or any get together where there will be soft drink! You simply twist the dispenser onto the to the top of a 2L plastic soft drink bottle then turn the bottle over and dispense the drink into your glass. It couldn’t be easier!

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84g / 0.2lb


Hard Plastic




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