Fruit Juice Sprayer


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This Universal Fruit Juice Sprayer can be used with any soft fruit such as lemons, oranges, watermelons. Works great for salads or marinades.



Do you love using citrus or other fruits in your cooking? Don’t you wish you could easily add some authentic lemon or lime flavour to your dishes? Well now you can with the handy Fruit Sprayer. It’s so easy to use, you just cut the top off a lemon or lime and screw the twisted stem of the Fruit Sprayer into the fruit. You can then spray directly from the fruit! It’s the best way to add that fresh, authentic fruit flavour to all different types of dishes! The opportunities are endless. You can use it to add a citrus punch to marinades or cooked meat, you can spray it directly onto a freshly prepared salad or you can use it to aromatize your cocktails, soft drinks and juices in the freshest way. Don’t just stick with lemon and lime, you can use it with any soft fruits including oranges, grapefruits and watermelons!

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