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The Mist Fan is a portable air conditioner, it is a great way to cool down on those night hot days, with an added bonus of a cooling mist.



You know that feeling when it’s baking hot and you’d give anything to be sitting in front of a fan? Or when it’s so humid you’d kill for a little cool mist? Well now you can have both, right at your fingertips. The Mist Fan is just perfect for those periods of intense heat when you’d rather be chilling in a pool. This all in one portable fan + humidifier is all you need for those hot sunny days. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, sporting events and travelling. It’s also fantastic for just hanging with your friends in summer. Be that person that brought the Mist Fan. You can even just place it somewhere in your outdoor entertaining area, public or commercial area and it will keep the air cool and humidified. Why not ice your water before adding it to the fan for an extra arctic spray? Stay cool this summer and be prepared with the perfect little addition to any outdoor event.

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Water Capacity



Tabletop / Portable


18650 Lithium-ion


300g, 0.6lb


Air parcel


Black, Pink, White


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