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Everyone remembers the Classic Slinky, the great toy for boys and girls or just a great way to reduce stress in the office.



The classic Slinky! It walks, it springs, it shimmers! Yes, it's back. Or did it ever go away? Everyone loves a slinky! Perform tricks and let the slinky travel down a flight of stairs, and take yourself down memory lane with this traditional metal slinky. Walk, bounce, spring, juggle, flip or jiggle. Watch your classic Slinky toy walk its way down stairs, or just juggle it back and forth in your hands! Slinkys will keep you entertained for hours. Hold the two end coils with both hands and raise and lower the Slinky in a rhythmic motion – addictive fun. Or explore the world of physical forces and principles with this super cool toy. The Slinky is not only one of the most successful toys of all time, it demonstrates many complex scientific ideas in its simple movement. When placed at the top of stairs it stays at rest and has potential or stored energy. Once it starts down the stairs and is affected by gravity, its potential energy is converted to movement or kinetic energy.

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