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Perfect Temp Bed Fan

The Bed Fan is an innovative lifehack for getting a great sleep during those warm summer nights when its too hot for covers but too cold without them. Stay cool and sleep easy with this handy lifehack.

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Are you sick of trying to get to sleep in the summer? Are you thoroughly over those hot, humid nights, which see you tossing and turning all night long? Perhaps you don’t have air conditioning and a standard fan is just not cutting it? What you need is the Perfect Temp Bed Fan. It has been specifically designed to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep, all night long… It is just the perfect height to cover you with fresh, cool air, all through the night, no matter how hot it is in the bedroom! Its innovative design actually removes the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped beneath the covers, allowing you to sleep much cooler at night. It has also proven to be very successful at stopping night sweats due to menopause, andropause, illnesses or medications. It has an adjustable speed dial and high performance dual fans that allow you to control the breeze. Create your own cool zone and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

How it works

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included

Bed Height

19 – 29 inches, 27 – 37 inches


Metal, Hard plastic

Air speed

Up to 100 CFM

Volume Resistant?



Air Parcel


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