Teddy Bear Sandwich Mold


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The Teddy Bear Sandwich Mold is a fun lifehack for all parents that want to put a smile on their children's face. Its a fun way to encourage your child to eat their life.



Do you love teddy bears? Do your kids love teddy bears? Does anyone you know love teddy bears? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this ridiculously cute Teddy Bear Sandwich Mold is a great idea! Made from certified food-grade plastic, this awesome mold makes the most adorable sandwiches ever! But don’t just limit yourself to sandwiches; you can also use these molds to shape toast, sushi, cookies, cakes, biscuits or even pancakes! It’s a perfect size, ear-to-ear is 90mm and from top to bottom is 80mm. The thickness is 30mm. It’s heat resistant to 120 degrees C and cold resistant to -20 degrees C. It makes the perfect addition to any kitchen, especially if you have children who would love to see teddy bear shaped treats in their lunch box. It’s also perfect for making party cakes or fun snacks for anytime! We promise you will fall in love with these adorable shapes!

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Eco-friendly plastic


90mm (bread sized)


Air parcel


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