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Having problems getting all that pet hair off your clothes and furniture? Looking for an easy and inexpensive solution to cleaning your home? Then the sticky buddy lint and pet hair removal product is right for you.


  • Includes 2 brushes, one for large surface areas and one easy to travel with brush for grabbing hair off clothing on the go
  • Safe for most fabric; ranging from suede to silk. Also, great for upholstery such as couches, curtains, comforters and many more
  • Sticky design allows the brushes to be reusable over and over again.


Is your home over run by pet hair, lint, cobwebs, or any other small hard to clean annoyance? The sticky buddy is a great way to get your house clean and free from dust painlessly and inexpensively. Lint rollers are great for helping you clean your house but buying the roller refills and get expensive and wasteful. The best part about this roller is that you can simply wash the roller area with a small bit of dish soap and reuse it over and over again. It also includes a rubber brush that helps you dig down into carpet and access hard to reach hair and dirt.

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