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The solar powered window charger is a great life hack for anyone that’s trying to be a little bit more environmentally friendly and keep their phone fully charged.


  • Works for Smart Phones, iPod, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, and more
  • Easily sticks to any window
  • Great for travel or at the office
  • Available in six different colors


Are you tired of having only one charging option for your electronics when you’re on the road? Having to fumble with multiple USB chargers because you have so many electronics that need to stay charged? Then the solar powered window charger is for you. It allows you to use energy that is freely available to you instead of having to plug it into your car. It’s a great eco-friendly solution for keeping your electronics full of charge. It works great when you’re traveling in a group as everyone will have their own power source. It’s a great option for keeping the electronics in the back seat charged at all times, so your children can watch movies while you drive.

It works for all smart phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, or any other appliance that has a USB output. It comes within adaptable intelligent clip that prevents the device from overcharge, discharge, overload, and short circuit protection. It’s a great way to use the energy that mother Earth is already giving us.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included

Quality Certification


Input & Output

5V 1A

Battery type

Lithium Ion polymer battery


Black, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow


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