Shower Cap for Babies


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These Shower Cap for Babies are a great lifehack for parents that have a hard time getting their kids to take a bath because they are scared of getting shampoo or conditioner in their eyes.



Do you have little ones at home? Do they tend to get upset if they get water or shampoo in their eyes at bath time? If so then this is the product for you! This Baby Shower Cap is perfect for protecting baby’s eyes. It’s adjustable so it can be used on babies of any age. In fact, you can use it on kids up to 6 years old! It is made from an ultra-soft Eva foam material and has excellent elasticity so it will always be comfortable for your child. Now there is no need for your child to close their eyes when you are washing their hair. The Baby Shower Cap will divert all of the water away from their face. No more screams because they got water or shampoo in their eyes or ears or just on their face! It can also make shampoo time a funny and enjoyable experience for the kids! It also makes a great present for parents with young children.

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