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The Scrub Daddy is a great lifehack for cleaning anything in your house. This handy sponge is an innovated way to clean baked on grease that you would usually use a hard sponge for and normal dishes that you would usually use a soft sponge for with one single tool that changes form with different temperature water.



Are you in charge of most of the cleaning in your house? Are you sick of slaving way using ineffective cleaning products? If so then the Scrub Daddy is for you! The Scrub Daddy is made by people who are experts when it comes to foam! The particular foam they have used has a porous texture which is just perfect for scrubbing while being really gentle on your skin. When wet the foam softens to your desired amount. In warm water it goes extra soft while in cool water it stays quite firm! It is a rounded shape with a smooth side and a textured, zigzag side. The smooth side is excellent for hand washing where the zigzag side works really well to clean under your fingernails. You can use the Scrub Daddy anywhere! On your hands, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or even out in the work shed.

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