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The Rock Key Hider is a great lifehack for the inconvenient times you lock yourself out of your house. Or a great way to make sure your kids always have a way to get in the house if they are walking home from school and you are not home yet.



Are you sick of scrambling around, looking for the spare house key? Or perhaps you have been extremely unlucky and have suffered being locked out of your house? Do you want to maximize your home security but also leave yourself a backup option to get inside of your home? Then you need one of these extra-realistic looking Rock Key Hiders. Designed to look and feel like any rock you might have lying around your garden; it is incredibly hard to tell that it isn’t real. It’s so easy to store an extra key inside of it and leave it hidden in the garden or flowerbed. It has a special bottom section that pulls right out so you can easily pop a key inside. Made from a special composite resin, it looks and feels real! It’s a great idea if you need to hide a key for your children, garden and landscape contractors or real estate agents!

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Realistic treated resin


3.6 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches


Air parcel

1 review for Rock Key Hider

  1. Phil Hoster

    The Rock Key Hider was a lifesaver, it saves me so much time and energy! I never have to worry about locking myself out again!

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