R2D2 Hologram Lamp


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This R2D2 Hologram Lamp is a great lifehack for the Star Wars fanatic in your life.This multicolored lamp will make a great night light or office decoration



If you like Star Wars then this is simply the coolest thing ever. This amazing desk light can be controlled by a 24 Key LED Remote Controller, so you can customize the colors of the desk light – how awesome is that? You can also choose from a variety of light settings which include power on and off, pause and play, dim and changing the speed of the lights, as well as creating rainbows of colors. It doesn’t get any better! It features an innovative design of a BB-8 Droid that is carved onto its Acrylic Glass (Perspex) surface to allow light to flow in a similar way that fiber optics do. Light introduced at one end of the Acrylic Glass comes out at the other end. It doesn’t contain stickers or paints of any kind and it is cool, quiet and energy efficient. The amazing LED lights have a long lasting lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. This incredible light is perfect as a desk decoration, a night-light or a really cool gift.

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Metal, Plastic, Wood




R2D2 Lamp, Remote control

LED Life Span

50,000 hours


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