Rubic's Cube For Adults


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The Puzzle Cube for Adults is more than just a fun toy like it was when we were children. This 5 sided puzzle cube gives a mental challenge to any adult looking to expand their mental capacity to those that just want to unwind



Why should kids get to have all the fun? Adults love puzzles too! And there are few greater puzzles than the Puzzle Cube… No one falls out of love with it! This excellent little product has been given a new design for faster and more stable turning. We like to call this the Puzzle Cube for Adults because it uses the 5×5 design, which is known to be the most complex of all Puzzle Cubes! Its predecessors and siblings can’t help but bow down in it’s presence due to the challenge it presents to its users…. Are you feeling up to it? As well as a fantastic way to show off, using the Puzzle Cube for adults can actually enhance your intelligence and can improve your memory and spatial thinking ability. This particular model can be adjusted according to your own preferences and has matte stickers that are anti-slip and will not peel off easily. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic material, it’s a great choice for the puzzle lover in your life.

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Black, White

Puzzle Dimensions

5×5 cube


Hard plastic


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