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The Pull Up Fitness Bar is a great fitness lifehack. It is convenient enough to fit in any different size doors and is strong enough to hold up to 330lbs. It can be used for pull ups, or you can change where it is placed and use it for push-ups or crunches. You can also use it for children as well and hang a swing in your doorway to give them some entertainment out of it as well.



Have you been thinking about toning, or bulking up? Or are you already doing it and you’re sick of going to the gym? Have you thought about using bodyweight exercises to help you get where you want to be, fitness-wise? If so, this awesome Pull-up Bar could be for you. Made of strong, high quality, heat-treated chrome steel and suitable for a door width of between 62-100cm, this is really a multi-use exercise bar. Not only is it perfect for chin ups and strengthening those arm and chest muscles, you can also use it as a foot anchor for doing sit-ups and crunches to get those solid, rock hard abs. This bar easily supports up to 100kg of weight when it is mounted properly. It’s a fantastic addition to your at-home training program. It comes with all fittings and instruction so you can set it up straight away. Don’t be surprised if your mates want to try it out too.

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Heat-treated steel

Weight Limit

330lb / 150kg


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