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The Oven Rack Burn Guard is a innovative lifehack for keeping yourself safe in the kitchen. These silicone guards prevent oven burns when you reach for your toasty treat.



We’ve all been there, you’re cooking something delicious in the oven, you reach in to pull out the oven tray and your burn yourself on the oven racks! They always seem to get in the way! Well now you don’t have to worry about annoying oven burns with the Oven Rack Guard. This set of two heat-resilient, silicone oven rack guards is just perfect for avoiding burns in your home. They are so easy to fit and have been perfectly designed to protect your hands and arms from the risk of nasty burns when reaching into a hot oven. While the Oven Rack Guard reaches the same temperature as the oven shelf, the special silicone material has low heat conductivity, which helps to protect arms and hands from burning. It’s so simple to remove and clean and is dishwasher safe. It is made from certified food-grade, BPA free material, so you can feel safe using it too.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Red, Light Grey


Eco-friendly silicone


Any oven rack


14 Inches / 36 cm


Air parcel


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