All In One Veggie Slicer


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This All-in-One Slicer is a great kitchen hack for anyone looking to save time and energy in the kitchen. Its unique design helps you cut any type of vegetable quickly and accurately.


  • Spend more time enjoying meals and less in the kitchen
  • Safety features that keep your hands save and away from sharp blades
  • Made with quality materials that will last a lifetime
  • Different slice settings help you get creative with every meal


Are you the type of person that likes making homemade meals for yourself and your family; but hates the amount of time that it takes? Do you love how vegetables add great taste and good nutrition into all your home-cooked meals; but hate chopping the vegetables themselves? Then the All-in-One Slicer is the product for you. This durable high-quality vegetable cutter makes it easier for you to cut any vegetable at any time in a variety of different shapes. It helps you cut down your time in the kitchen by 50% so you can spend more time enjoying your meals with your friends and family.

Worried about safety? Its durable design lets you know that your hand and fingers will remain safe at all times. With its attachable veggie holder, your fingers are never close enough to the blade to get cut. Its anti-slip feet ensure it will stay safely on any hard surface. Additionally, it features strategically placed grooves on the bottom so that the slicer can securely fit over any dish. It makes clean up a snap, with its reusable design, you can cut a variety of different vegetables and only have one dish for cleanup. It’s a great choice for anyone that wants to cut down on the time they spend in the kitchen, but wants the health and taste benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables into every meal.

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Plastic, Silicone, Stainless Steel


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