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Newton's Cradle is a classic learning toy for children by showing the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy and also helps relieve stress by demonstrating a nice pendulum



Whether you know it as Newton’s Cradle or the Executive Ball Clicker, chances are you’ve seen this educational desk toy that seems to defy explanation. The device consists of a row of five metal balls — positioned to just barely touch one another — suspended from a frame by thin wires. When a ball on one end of the cradle is pulled away from the others and then released, it strikes the next ball in the cradle, which remains motionless. But the ball on the opposite end of the row is thrown into the air, then swings back to strike the other balls, starting the chain reaction again in reverse. In this way it demonstrates the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy, as well as friction and damping effects. It makes the perfect desk toy but also looks great on a coffee table or as a decoration in a bedroom. It makes the perfect gift for the science-lover in your life.

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