Minion Tooth Paste Dispenser


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This minion toothbrush dispenser is a great life hack for parents that are looking for ways to encourage their kids to have fun while brushing their teeth.


  • Comes with adhesive pad that allows you to stick the dispenser to the wall
  • Can hold two toothbrushes of any size
  • Simply stick your toothbrush into the dispenser and the appropriate amount will come out each time
  • Bottom of the dispenser is a magnetic water cup that easily detaches
  • Save counter space


The minion toothpaste dispenser is a great way to encourage your kids to have fun while promoting great dental hygiene. The dispenser comes within adhesive pad that easily mounts to the wall. You simply need to push your toothbrush into the minion’s mouth and the correct amount of toothpaste comes out each time. This cute minion toothpaste dispenser easily holds two toothbrushes and has an attachable water cup on the bottom. The dispenser is 16 cm in height when the magnetic cup is attached and 18 cm wide. No batteries are required. You can pick from two different minion designs, either the one-eyed minion or the two-eyed minion. What better way to show your kids how fun brushing your teeth in the morning can be!

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One Eyed Minion, Two Eyed Minion


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