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If you love Minecraft you will love the Minecraft Creeper Mug, it is a durable square coffee mug with the Minecraft face on both sides.



Do we even need to tell you about this product? Minecraft lovers this one’s for you. Whether you’re sitting at home relaxing, working hard at the office or even hiding in your room playing Minecraft, what better way to enjoy your favorite tea or coffee (of soft drink), than with this fantastic Creeper Face mug? Now you can truly set yourself apart from any friends or colleagues who don’t love Minecraft as much as you do (which, let’s face it, is probably most of them, right)? I mean you’re reading this far… You could even film yourself playing while drinking from your amazing Creeper Face mug and upload it to YouTube… there’s a channel for that right? Wherever and whenever you use it, you know you will love knocking back a tasty beverage from this one-of-a-kind, ceramic mug. Why be a square when you can drink from a square? Happy playing!

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Ceramic Porcelain

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