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The Magnetic Wristband can be a great lifehack for anyone who works with their hands and has to deal with small magnetic pieces getting lost or hard to find. Its great for working with tools in the garage or working with crafts that deal with many pins and needles.



Are you a carpenter or a handyman? Or do you have any friends who are? If so, make your lives easier with this awesome little magnetic wristband. We’ve all been there, trying to complete a woodworking job (or anything that requires nails, nuts or bolts), and you start dropping things everywhere. Well, not any more! With this powerful little device you’ll have everything you need, ready to go when you need it! Super strong magnets sit inside the wristband, allowing you to attach a huge variety of metal objects to your wrist, where they will stay until you are finished using them! Think screwdriver tips, nails, screws, nuts, bolts and even small tools! The Magnetic Wristband is lightweight, portable and so convenient to use! It’s perfect for any home improvement, woodworking or do-it-yourself projects you need to tackle! It’s also really comfortable to wear so you won’t even know you’ve got it on. It makes the perfect gift for the handyperson in your life.

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Metal, magnets, treated plastic


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