Magnetic Key Holder Cloud


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This Magnetic Key Holder Cloud is a great lifehack for not loosing your keys. Think of how much time you will save if you always knew where your keys were and could easily store them on the fridge or any other magnetic place.



Do you have a boring hook that you leave your keys on? Or perhaps you throw them on the kitchen bench or the coffee table and they always get lost? You should try out the new Magnetic Key Holder Cloud! Not only does it look like an awesome floating cloud, it features a strong magnet, which will make your keys look like they are hanging in mid air. When you walk inside the door just pop the keys up to the cloud and watch as the cloud’s magnetic field grabs them and holds them safe and sound. Then when you need them again you just walk over and pull them away from the magnetic cloud. It will look like you’re plucking them from the sky! This awesome Magnetic Key Holder Cloud has a sticky adhesive back so it’s super convenient to use. Just clean your wall, peel off the adhesive sticker and stick your cloud to the wall, now you’re ready to go.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Metal, Treated hard plastic




Any wall – (suctions via stick)


Air parcel


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