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The laser projection virtual keyboard is a great productivity life hack for anyone that loves the efficiency of the keyboard versus the Smart Phone keypad.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Use this keyboard anywhere on any device
  • Extremely durable (no moving components inside)
  • Lithium-ion polymer near rechargeable battery



Are you so used to the feel of your keyboard that trying to type on your smart phone or tablet keypad is a hassle? Then the laser projection virtual keyboard is a great tool for you. It’s easy to install and easy to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. By setting this projector on any flat surface it converts your tabletop into a highly efficient QWERTY keyboard layout. It is enabled with short cut key elements that allow you to control the cursor as well as the keyboard. It is easily portable and comes with a durable rechargeable battery. A great gift for any technology user in your life, or keep it for yourself as a great treat.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included

Interface Type



Bluetooth 2.0 or USB


for iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart Phone


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