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The Ceramic Knife Sharpening Stone is a great convenient tool to help you sharpen your household knifes works great for stainless steel kitchen, fruit, and chef's knives.



Are you sick of using blunt knives? How good is the feeling of using a knife that is really sharp? It makes cooking so much better! If you love to cook then this Knife Sharpening Stone is the perfect way to treat yourself. It also makes a fantastic gift for anyone you know who fancies himself or herself a bit of a chef! It features two kinds of sharpening stones so it’s great for sharpening a whole range of knives and other instruments. The Orange Corundum Whetstone gives a fantastic sharp finish with high durability and grinding performance. The White Fused Alumina has a distinct hardness and toughness and provides good thermal conductivity. Both materials are wear resistant and are perfect for precision polishing. Whether its coarse or fine grinding you need this sharpening stone will do the job reliably, every time. Don’t just limit yourself to sharpening knives – this sharpening stone is also great for scissors, choppers, hay cutters, shaving knives, axes and more. With so many uses it will become a household staple!

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Stainless Steel, Plastic Handle




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