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The Insanely Comfortable Airplane Pillow is a great travel life hack that will help your neck when you fall asleep during travel. Great for airplanes, cars or any other place you might fall asleep when you don’t have a comfortable place to lay down.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Soft and Ergonomic dual hump design great for your back and neck
  • Inflatable inner tube to allow for easy inflating and deflating
  • Made with comfortable soft fabric
  • Secure valve design to prevent air from leaking


Are you sick of getting a sore neck while travelling? Do you find it hard to sleep on planes? This handy airplane pillow is the answer. It’s so easy to transport in its stylish little pouch that fits easily into your bag. It comes with an easy to inflate and deflate mechanism that allows you the convenience of just pushing a button so your head never has to leave the pillow. When you’re ready to use it just pop it out and easily inflate it. It also comes with a specially designed air release valve that allows you to adjust the size of the pillow without it even leaving your neck. This embedded valve design was created to be extremely secure and prevent all air leaks. It has been made using a high-quality polyester cotton blend with a velvet finish so it is oh-so-comfortable. With its ergonomically enhanced U-shape it’s just perfect for resting your head and neck so that you can relax or drift off into a peaceful sleep. It’s not just for use on planes; you can use the shrinkable airplane pillow anywhere you like! Why not try it out at home while watching TV, or even at the office? It also provides great comfort while travelling in a car or any other vehicle. Don’t risk another sleepless journey…treat yourself or someone you know to the ultimate in stylish traveler’s comfort.

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Polyester, Cotton, Velvet




Airoplane pillow, extra storage pouch


Air parcel


Deep Blue, Dark Gray, Fuchsia, Light Blue


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