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This Harry Potter's Wand is a excellent gift idea for the Harry Potter enthusiast in your life or it can make a great additional to your personal collection



Who can really call themselves a serious Harry Potter fan if they don’t have their very own Harry Potter wand? Now you can be the proud owner of a little piece of the amazing Harry Potter world. What complicated spells will you cast? What curses will you mutter? What terrible tricks will you perform? The opportunities are endless when you have your own wand. Perhaps there is a little magician in your family? Perhaps you are the magician! Or just a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Either way, this wand is awesome. It comes in its own special box (just like a real one) and it has a really cool LED light! It’s so easy to change the battery so you will never run out of wand-light-power! Now all you need is a cloak, a hat and an owl and you’ll be set. Oh, and actual magic powers, of course….

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