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The Handcrafted Samurai Sword can be a lifehack for several different areas in your life. It can be a great self-discipline and self defence training tool or it can be an exciting home decoration to compliment your bedroom, living room or office.



Have you ever wanted your very own Samurai Sword? Well now you can stop dreaming and actually get one! Our amazing Samurai Sword has a special blade, which has been hand forged and polished over 12 separate procedures. It is made from a pure form of carbon rich steel. The steel has been folded 11 times, resulting in 2048 layers. This is how traditional samurai swords are made, through repeatedly heating, hammering and folding the metal. The Tsuka (or handle) is made from hardwood, which has been tightly wrapped over imitated Samegawa with silk Ito. The Fuchi (sleeve), and Kashira (buttcap), are made from strong Alloy. The blade collar, known as the Habaki, is a one-piece brass construction. The Saya (the sheath) of the sword is made from hardwood tied with the Sageo brass Kurigaga (the knob), of the scabbard. Feel like a real Japanese Samurai soldier with this incredible piece of workmanship.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Artisan Hand crafted

Country Crafted



Folded red steal, High grade brass finish

Handle Material

Crafted silk, wood


40 inches / 103 cm


Hand crafted sword, sword sleeve, carrying bag case


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