Gold Ingot Paperweight


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The Gold Ingot Paperweight is a paperweight that makes you look like a billion bucks. It can be used for a purpose or a great decoration



Who needs to be filthy rich when you can just pretend to be? With this Gold Ingot Paperweight you can look like a billionaire! Use it to hold open doors or as a stylish paperweight. Stack a few on top of your desk for that ‘wealthy but casual’ feel. Of course it’s not made of real gold but it sure does look like it! See if any of your friends will believe you when you tell them it’s real! It has a slick golden look finish and authentic detailing. It’s perfect for using in your bedroom or office. You could also use it in the living room to hold down newspapers or to pop on top of all those annoying bills in the kitchen. It even has embossed numbers and letters on the face of it. Add a touch of class to any room with this fun, novelty item. Just don’t tell anyone it’s not real.

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Fake gold (metal)


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