Glowing Night Light Balls


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Glowing Night Light Balls is a great night light to help put your children to sleep for a great decor lamp for office or home use.



Whether you’re after a safe night light for the kids or romantic mood lighting for your bedroom, you can’t go past these amazing lights! These fantastically colored, glowing balls will have you dying to turn the lights off. This interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated balls that glow for 30 minutes once they are removed from their base. There is nothing electronic in them, so they don’t break and they get warm. This means that you can safely tuck them in with your child to help them get to sleep. Powered by a low-energy LED base, the balls and the LED pedestals are always cool to the touch. You could even use them for a fun game of catch before bedtime. The fading glow also helps you to fall asleep. Don’t just leave them in the bedroom though – they can also be used to provide a special kind of ambiance to a bar or even a party.

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Atmospheric / Ambient



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Portable glow orb / Plug in


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