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This fancy hands-free book holder is a great life hack for any avid reader or student that finds themselves reading a great deal of books but hates the hassle of having to hold a book down to make it stay on the page that they want.


  • Small pocket-sized book holder can hold any book a flat
  • Made with flexible durable material that prevents it from breaking easily
  • Great for traveling or students
  • Adjustable to fit any book size


We all live busy lives, and when we’re trying to read a great novel or a textbook there is times when we want to be doing something else with our hands other than making sure the book stays in place. This fancy hands-free book holder is a great solution for that. It’s easily customizable to fit on large textbooks or thin booklets. It’s also a great solution for the kitchen when trying to keep your cookbook open to your favorite recipe. It comes in four different elegant colors. And is small enough to fit in your pocket, bookbag or purse. It’s a great accessory for any bookworm in your life.

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Blue, Grey, Pink, White




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