Electric Paper Airplane


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This Electric Paper Airplane is a great lifehack to keep your children busy for hours while you try to caught up with the rest of your life. It makes a wonderful gift or a good way to spend some extra time with your son or daughter



Do you love to make paper airplanes? Or do you know someone who does? Do you find that it’s hard to get them to stay in the air though? Do they tend to crash and burn despite your best efforts? If so then you need to try this amazing Electric Paper Airplane! All you do is take any paper airplane you have made and attach it to the electric paper airplane conversion kit. Just charge it for 10 seconds with the included power pack and then watch your plane fly hundreds of feet in the air! It really takes your paper airplane design to the next level! This way you can learn the art of flight without having to worry about damaging the plane – just fold up another one! Grab your friends and a stack of paper and head on out to your closest soccer or football field. You’ll have hours of fun flying your creations so high up in the sky! Flying paper airplanes has never been so much fun!

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Paper, Plastic, Metal components

Shatter Resistant?



Electric paper airplane kit, Instruction manual


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