Egg Yolk Stress Reliever


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The Egg Yolk Stress Reliever is a great way to relieve stress or can be used as an extremely fun toy. Its unbreakable design lets you squeeze it till your heart is content and your mind is a bit more calm



Ever tried squeezing a real egg? It wouldn’t work too well, would it? Play with our Egg Yolk Stress Reliever instead! This thing is awesome! It’s a liquid filled, squishy ball that is really fun to squeeze in your hand, but way more fun to throw! Chuck it at a flat surface and watch it spread out like a fried egg. Then within seconds, you’ll see it start to reform to its original shape again! It’s perfect for playing pranks on your friends or at the office! Imagine your co-workers disgust when an egg that you threw starts spreading out on their desk! Think of the fun you can have throwing it on the ground near your friend’s feet! But everyone -should- be laughing when the egg cleans itself up! This fun stretchy toy is perfect for kids and adults alike. Kids can play with them for hours and adults love squeezing them. Just don’t throw them at a pointed surface because then you might really break the egg!

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Egg yolk squeeze stress reliever


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