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Cupcake Pillow

These cute Cupcake Pillows are great lifehacks for little girl in your life that loves cute and cuddly things. They work great in a little girls room or on your favorite furniture



How cute are these adorable little cupcake pillows? It’s just perfect for any child (or adult) who likes cupcakes, soft cushions or anything cute! Available as an adorable strawberry cake or a delicious chocolate cake, it would make a beautiful addition to any bedroom. It could even go into a dollhouse, a toy room or any really cute living area! These wonderful Cupcake Pillows would make the perfect backdrop to any sweet room. They are perfect for reclining against or leaning your head on. Some people even love to cuddle them as if they were cute little teddy bears! While they look almost too good to be true, just don’t try to eat them! They are decorations only! So treat yourself or someone you know today with a delectable, delightful little cake cushion. Just don’t be surprised if your friends get jealous and want for their very own! You might have to buy a few!

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Dark, Light


Polyester / Cotton


14 x 10 inches


Air parcel


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