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With this Cigarette Lighter iPhone Case finding a lighter when you need it has never been easier. This smokers lifehack will make sure you always have a light when needed



Are you sick of your friends stealing your lighter? Do you hate finding yourself caught without one? If so then this amazing iPhone case / cigarette lighter is for you! Made from luxury Aluminium Alloy Metal, this rechargeable lighter doubles as an awesome phone case! Don’t worry about carrying a lighter because you should always have your phone on you! Plus you’ll be protecting your mobile phone and keeping it safe at the same time. Your phone will be safe from dust, scratches and bumps and sophisticated cut-outs allow for easy access to all of the necessary phone features. The case has a cool built-in battery to support the cigarette lighter function. All you do is slide the button down and hold it in to turn on the cigarette lighter. The battery can support lighting 3 packs of cigarettes. It even has a cool safety feature where you can lock the lighter function.

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5


Black, Blue, Pink, White, Yellow

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