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The Bubble Wrap iPhone Case is a great iPhone 6 case accessory to relieve stress as well as satisfy that popping bubble wrap craving.



You just can’t get enough of bubble wrap can you? If you’re like us then you will never get enough! That is why we love this product. Why pop a single piece of bubble wrap when you can pop bubbles on your phone over and over again? This amazing case makes a meditative popping sound when the squishy buttons are pressed. It is extra cushiony and super satisfying! Psychological tests have shown that pressing bubbles like this provides mental relief – but you already knew that didn’t you? This super stress relieving phone case it just perfect for when you are feeling frazzled or overwhelmed. It’s also great for when you are just plain old bored! You will become so addicted to the feeling of pushing these amazing little bubbles! It is also specifically designed to protect your phone from dust, shock, scratches and bumps. It allows easy access to all buttons, controls and panels.

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Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included

iPhone Type

iPhone 6

Compatible Devices



Silicone, Rubber


Air parcel


Black, Green, Pink, White


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