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Baby Bladeless Fan

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This baby proof bladeless fan is a great life hack for parents that want to keep their child safe and cool during the night.


  • 14° wing ramp design makes the wind feel more uniform and comfortable
  • Unique, quiet and powerful
  • Energy efficient and easy to clean
  • Ensure safety for children and pets without harsh cutting blades
  • Promotes smooth, powerful, high velocity airflow


This cute little fan is a great addition to any child’s bedroom. By providing quiet airflow throughout the room to keep you cool even on the hottest days of summer. This small fan is powered by USB for easy transportation, you can plug it in to your computer or use your smart phone charger to plug it into an electrical outlet. It also has many great features; for example, you can program it to play music or to record your own voice to encourage a great restful sleep for your little ones. It’s very comfortable and produces 15 times more cool air than your regular bladed fan. The air passes over the round cylinder, which then channels the airs direction. It will grab air from behind or around the machine and move it into its airflow, it then amplifies it by 15 times for a quiet, cool breeze that easily lets you relax. It’s cute whimsical shape makes it a great addition for your child’s room or the office.

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12.5 * 11.5


Blue, Grey, Pink, Yellow


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