Avocado Slicer


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This avocado slicer is a great kitchen hack for anyone that loves avocados but hates taking the time to cut it. This durable multi-purpose tool works great for cutting and slicing any kind of soft fruit.


  • Easily cut soft fruit into eight individual slices
  • Sharp durable kitchen blade comes included with the slicer
  • Great quality
  • Easy-to-use


Do you love avocados but have a hard time getting every last delicious piece away from it shell? Are you looking for a way to evenly slice your soft fruit so that everyone gets an equal amount? Then this tool is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This multipurpose avocado slicer comes with a sharp kitchen knife that allows you to evenly half any fruit and then flipped around to use the de-corer and slicing mechanism. It’s a great hack for anyone that’s looking to save time in the kitchen.

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18 cm x 6.0 cm


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