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Authentic Roman Coin

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This collectible Authentic Ancient Roman Coin from the British museum is approximately 1500 years old. It was minted between 240 and 410 A.D.


  • Includes one authentic roman bronze coin and history of when it was created


Are you a roman history lover? Would you love to have your very own authentic piece of ancient roman history? Well now you can. That’s right, for this very affordable price you can buy a real, authentic, ancient roman bronze coin that is actually 1700 years old! Roman coins circulated throughout the Empire, which stretched from Britain to Persia. They were minted for everyday transactions and often circulated for long periods of time. Coins were hand made by inserting a metal blank between two dies and striking the upper die with a heavy hammer. Imagine the history of this coin! Imagine what life was like when this coin was in circulation. You can choose what to do with this coin, you can hold it and wonder about its history, you can marvel at it hanging on your wall or you can keep it safe and sound in a drawer somewhere. Your friends simply won’t believe that you have a 1700-year-old roman coin in your possession.

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Authentic Roman Coin?


Coin Age

Approximately 1,700 Years




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