Couch Armrest Table


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The Armrest Table is a great organizational and leisure time lifehack. By always having a place to store your remotes and cell phone you can sit back relax and enjoy.


  • 6 Large storage pockets
  • Provides remote holder, cup holder and magazine rack all in one place
  • 12 x 8 inch table top perfect for food and drinks while protecting your upholstery from accidental spills


You know the dilemma. You’ve had a hard day at work. You’ve just come home, sank into your favorite chair and switched on the TV, just in time for your favorite show. Then, bang – you realize that you are hungry and you have to get up and prepare food and then awkwardly balance it on your knee while you try to watch TV. It’s not so relaxing anymore, is it? This is why the Couch Armrest Table is such an awesome product! It’s just perfect for setting yourself up for a relaxing night in. Not only will it safely hold your favorite food and drinks within arm’s reach, but it also holds your remote controls! No more reaching down the sides of the couch searching for the dropped remote. In fact, it has enough storage room to hold multiple items! It can store TV guides, books, even study materials! Why get up constantly to grab items when you can keep everything right next to you?

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20 x 12 inches, 50 x 30 cm


Air packet


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