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The Anet 3D Printer is the ultimate tool to make your life easier. This printer can print just about anything you might need around the house from vases to educational tools for your children. Your imagination is the limit for this printer!


  • Get precise and dependable items with every print
  • 5 key screen, easy control Smart board
  • Customized MK8 extruder provides stable high-precision visual experience
  • High quality stepmotor that allows the printer to work interrupted for 1000 work hours


Can you believe it’s now possible to own your own 3D printer? That’s right, 3D printers are no longer just for tech companies and millionaires, it’s now quite feasible to have your very own 3D printer that you can use at home! This Anet Aluminum Hotbed Precision 3D Printer kit comes with Filament Card Software and a high speed Dual Rail structure. It has a sophisticated metal nozzle for stable, high-precision printing. Its 4-star lead screw brass nuts and high-quality lead rod ensure perfect printing, every time. The opportunities for what you can print are endless! Whether you’re an artist who wants to bring your ideas to life or you’re into engineering and you want to design some structures, the 3D Printer will let you build to your hearts content. It’s also so useful for school projects or for making cool presents for your friends. It’s the perfect gift for the tech-lover in your household.

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Additional information


Buy with confidence! 3-year warranty included


Metal, Acrylic

Print material


Print Speed


Nozzle size

Default 0.4mm

Memory Slot

16G/ 8G TF Card

Layer thickness



Anet A6


FedEx Air parcel


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