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Random Nail Facts

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How about I go ahead and get started with some random facts about your nails.

  • Fingernails and toenails grow at different speeds, toenails grow at a speed of 1.6 millimeters a month and fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters. Yet there is a couple of factors that could affect that such as:
    • Which hand it is – the fingernails on your dominate hand grew faster than the other
    • The season – your nails grew faster in the summer than the winter
    • Your sex – Men’s nails grow faster than women
    • Are you expecting – Women’s nails grow faster when they are pregnant
  • Nail biting is more common than you think. Onychophagia is the official medical term for biting your nails and about half of all people between 10-18 have this habit but most of them stop by the time they are 30
  • Having continuously manicured nails is not really that great for them. As your nail is a living breathing organism it needs air to breathe. Since nail polish isn’t the easiest thing to breathe through, your nails aren’t getting the oxygen they need to remain healthy and will lose its ability to fight off infection. This will also dry your nail out making it less flexible and strong.
  • Getting your palm read isn’t the only way people can tell what’s in your future. It is said that your nails are the window to the health of your entire body. Well trained dermatologists can spot many diseases just by looking at the health and color of your nails.
  • Like most things on your body, cuticles are there for a reason and have an important role to play. Removing or picking at them by can be harmful for your overall health as they are there to seal moisture and environmental germs out of the body.
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Hacks for Nail Health

For us ladies, nails can be a pretty important part of our bodies. We use then for useful things like opening a soda can or picking out a sliver out of the middle of your hand. Where some women pride themselves on getting the weekly mani-pedi, and others could really care less about what the appearance of their nails say for them. The one thing that we all can agree on is that nails are extremely useful part of the body and we would be lost without them.

Before you can even consider making your nails beautiful, you need to make sure they are strong enough for vanity. This entails a couple of factors, nail strength, nail length and cuticle health. All of these are basically wrapped up into the same category.

Tips for Healthier Nails

  • Careful not to spend too much time in the water – having long exposure to water can easily make your nail weaker.
  • Drink lots of water – As your body is made of up 80% water, more water will help everything in your body be healthy
  • Take Daily Vitamins – Especially Vitamin E. However, other vitamins such as A, B12, Calcium, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Protein have been known to be good for your nails.
  • Use moisturizer and cuticle oil daily
  • Try not to use your nails as a tool
  • Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning as well as the alcohol in hand sanitizers
  • While strengthening your nails keep them on the short side as they will be less prone to breaking

Nail Strength and Growth

Another great remedy is DIY nail soaks, and there are hundreds of recipes online for these soaks. While researching this topic I found the most popular ingredients were olive oil, coconut oil, argan tree oil, vitamin e oil (or capsule), tea tree oil, and caster oil. These soaks all work the same way by providing more hydration for your nails and cuticle. Most of them require that you soak your hand in a bowl with these ingredients for 10 mins or longer and then massage the oil into your fingertip.

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