50+ Amazing Nail Hacks

50 Nail Hacks for Beautiful Looking Nails

31. Nail Polish Removing Slime

Personally, I thought this suggestion by CuteLifeHacks was pretty awesome. You basically make slime into nail polish remover. This way you don’t have to hassle with cotton balls, Q-tips, jars, or any of that stuff. Simply put this slime on your fingernails and then peel it off. When peeling the slime off so comes the nail polish too.

32. Steam Nail Polish Remover

For those that find removing nail polish to be a pain and are looking for the quickest and easiest way to do it. The Steam Nail Polish Remover is the way to go. Simply put your nail polish remover into the machine, turn it on and stick your fingers into the machine. The unit turns the remover into steam and basically steam cleans your fingernails. Its quick easy and safe for your fingers.

Steam Off Polish Remover

The steam Off Polish Remover is available at the Lifehack.Store by clicking this link

33. Foil Method

Another effective way to get rid of especially stubborn nail polish like glitter polish, is to use the foil method. The best part about it as that it’s not nearly as much work as the regular method. As shown by LacquerHeadsOfOz you simply soak a piece of cotton with nail polish remover, then wrap that cotton ball around your finger. Next, take a small piece of tinfoil and drop that around your finger as well. Wait anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and wipe the finger to polish off with ease.

Foil Method Nail Polish Remover Nail Hack
Photo via LacquerHeadsOfOz

34. White Craft Glue

Now if you’re thinking ahead of time, before you put the finger nail polish on than this method will work great. As explained in Cosmopolitan instead of using a base coat, use a little Elmer’s glue. Let the glue dry completely and then paint the nail polish over the glue. By doing this, by the time you are ready to get rid of your nail polish you simply peel the glue off and the nail polish is gone quickly and easily.

Glitter Nail Polish Remover Nail Hack
Photo via cosmopolitan

35. Dental Floss

Now if you have a stubborn nail sticker that needs to be removed quickly when the easiest way to do so is with a dental floss stick like shown in the picture below from HowToMinute

Dental Floss Nail Hack
Photo via HowTwoMinute

Nail Whitening

Many dark-colored nail polishes look completely awesome when it’s on, but not so awesome when it’s off. Unfortunately, some polishes can leave an unflattering stain on your nail leaving it looking yellowish or discolored. But don’t worry there some easy tricks that you can use to whiten your nail and make it look shimmery and shiny.

36. Toothpaste

As we talked about before toothpaste can work as an alternative to nail polish remover, but it can also work as a whitener as well if you’re specifically using the whitening toothpaste. As explained in LiveAbout she states, to evenly coat your nail with toothpaste and then use a scrubbing brush to rub it in. Can scrub for about 5 to 10 minutes and that should do the trick.

Toothpaste Nail Whitening Nail Hack
Photo via BeatyStylo

37. Baking Soda

If you don’t happen to have whitening toothpaste you can also use baking soda. To do this you make a paste with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Put that paste on your nail, applying it with a basic toothbrush and let sit for five minutes. Then rinse the remaining paste off and you have beautifully whitened nails.

Baking Soda Nail Hack
Photo via Pinterest

Cuticle Care

When it comes to making your nails look good, another vital area that we haven’t covered is how to take care and strengthen your cuticles. As far as cuticles goes, in general they are a pretty important part of the nail. They help your fingernails grew and prevent disease by preventing bacteria from entering the body; meaning if you want healthy beautiful looking fingernails you need to take care of that thin piece of skin that can sometimes get in the way. Here are a couple hacks on how to do that.

38. DIY Cuticle Exfoliator

This homemade cuticle exfoliator by HomeBeautyTips is a great way to make sure your cuticles stay healthy and happy. The ingredients are coconut oil, brown sugar, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Which are all relatively inexpensive; of the best parts about this recipe is that you can use it as an exfoliator for your whole hand, not just the cuticle. How can you go wrong?

DIY Cuticle Exfoliator Nail Hack
Photo via HomeBeautyTips

39. Cuticle Butter

Not only do you need to make sure that you get rid of the dead skin on your cuticles you also need to make sure they are healthy by their daily nutrients. This lemony cuticle butter receipt by HumbleBeeAndMe has quite a few ingredients, and many of them might not be just laying around the house. Yet, the good part about it is that the ingredients are all natural and loaded with the oils and nutrients you need to ensure your cuticles are soft and beautiful looking.

Cuticle Butter Nail Hacks
Photo via HumbleBeeAndMe

Breaking Nails

It never fails, no matter how hard you try to keep your nails strong and beautiful, unfortunate mistakes happen. You will have to deal with broken nails. It can be a very devastating and sad ordeal, but you don’t have to run to your local salon to get it fixed you can use some at home tricks to fix it asap.

40. Fixing Broken Nails with a Tea Bag

It might sound strange, the thought of fixing something so important to you with a small fragile piece of paper that is intended to be as porous as possible so that tea can seep through it. Yet, that very reason is why this method works so well. Because it is so thin it fixes the crack without adding bulk to the broken nail. As explained by StyleCaster simply cut and open the tea bag the size of your fingernail or just enough to completely cover the broken area. Put a good base coat on the nail, then securely apply the tea bag to the fingernail making sure to remove any bubbles. Then once the first base coat dries apply another coat, file down the excess area and apply your preferred color of top coat. There you have it, it really works and no one would be able to tell the difference. Of course, like all quick fixes this isn’t a permanent solution but it will do the trick for a while.

Fixing Broken Nails With A Tea Bag Nail Hacks
Photo via StyleCaster

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