50+ Amazing Nail Hacks

50 Nail Hacks for Beautiful Looking Nails

This collection of great nail hacks will help you paint your nails with ease, and allow you to express your creativity beautifully with little to no work. Its chock-full of ways to paint, polish, strengthen, dry, remove, whiten and organize your fingernails and fingernail polish in (mostly) under 2 minutes.

Fixing Nail Polish Issues

Nail polish like everything in our lives needs a little love and care every once in a while. These nail hacks will help you with the small littler irritations that nail polish can something give us.

1. Nail Polish too Thick?

Unless you are the type of person that uses the same color of nail polish every other day, and you only ever use one or two colors, your nail polish will get old. I’m sure that many of us have experienced this problem, where the polish becomes thick, clumpy and difficult to apply. Which is always a real bummer, but you don’t have to throw that polish away you can use these tips to fix them temporarily or for the long term.

For a temporary fix, you can try flipping the bottle from right-side-up to up-side-down for two to three minutes. That might be all it takes but if it needs more you can try to roll the bottle back and forth in your hands, like shown in this image from WikiHow.

Rolling Nail Polish
Photo via Wikihow

They suggest that the warmth of your hands will help the polish become smoother and easier to spread. If that doesn’t work you can also try warming it up a different way and running the bottle under hot water for 2 minutes. These solutions might help the problem temporarily but more than likely you will have to deal with this same problem again later.

For a long-term solution, the best way is to add 2-3 drops of nail polish thinner to the bottle. Depending on what type of nail polish it is you will have to purchase thinner for that type of polish. Nail polish thinner should be available at any drugstore or beauty shop. You can use acetone nail polish remover in the same way; however, it isn’t recommended and you will probably have to toss the polish after a couple of uses. Once added, roll the polish in your hands like previously shown. If the polish isn’t mixing flip it up and down a couple of times but never shake it as that will cause air bubbles.

2. Nail Polish Lid Stuck?

Use this tip from The Daily Varnish shows us that all you have to do is stick the lid in hot water for 2 minutes.

How to unstick a stuck nail polish bottle lid
Photo via Daily Varnish


Or you can take this hack from Cosmopolitan and place a rubber band around the bottle lid to improve the traction.

Nail Polish Lid Stuck
Photo via Cosmopolitan

3. Is This Happening to You Way too Often?

Qtips suggests that if you take a Qtip and apply vegetable oil around the rim of your nail polish once you are finished using it, you can prevent it from becoming stuck in the future.

Vegetable oil on nail polish bottle

4. Nail Polish Air Bubbles?

Nail Polish Bubbles
Photo via WhatSarahWrites

Well there is a couple of things that could be causing this:

  • Not waiting long enough for your base coat to dry before applying another one
  • Could be the brand of polish that you are using, certain ones are more prone to bubbles
  • Could be that you didn’t wash your hands before applying your polish and there was still traces of nail polish removers on them
  • If you shake the bottle verse rolling it in your hands you will get air bubbles in the polish itself

But if the deed is already done and you need to fix it now without starting all over again you can take this tip from PolishObsessed and apply a thin layer of nail polish thinner on your nails just like you would if you were painting them. Let that dry, you might need to repeat that process again depending how bad the problem is. Then once you can’t see the bubbles any longer, paint another top coat over your nails and they will look good as new.

5. Painting Nails Whenever, Wherever

This purchasable nail hack is a great way to do your nails on the go. By giving you own stable surface by just using your hand. Paint your nail in bed, at school, at the office, sitting on the couch or anywhere really; the sky’s the limit.

Nail Polish Holder

This handy dandy nail hack (and many others) are available here at the lifehack.store

Painting Nail Hacks

Is your problem not necessarily the polish but the fact that you are just not all that great at painting them yourself? Then we are in the same boat. These hacks will help you get beautifully painted nails every time regardless of your talent.

6. Petroleum Jelly

Take this tip from Nail Engineer, put Vaseline around your skin. Then once you’ve finished painting, you can easily wipe anything that happens to not get on the nail off your hands.

Petroleum Jelly on Fingers
Photo via NailEngineer

7. Elmer’s Glue

Another tip that is very similar to the previous one, is to put Elmer’s glue on the area that you don’t want to be painted. xoJane suggest that it’s easier to apply with a paintbrush, then let the glue dry. That way once you’re done painting your nails, you can simply peel off the glue and you will also peel off any of the excess paint.

Elmers Glue Nail Hack
Photo via xojane.com

8. Nail Polish Helpers

If you are looking for a way to stay in the lines but don’t want to worry about the mess of Elmer’s Glue or Vaseline, these nail polish helpers could be the answer for you. They easily slip onto your finger and make it easy for you to only get the area most important.

Nail Polish Helpers

These nail polish helpers are available here at the lifehack.store

9. Painting Technique

Okay so we’ve figured out how to fix the boo-boos, but this graphic from Nail Itt Blog shows us the best technique to use when you’re actually doing the painting.

Paint Technique Nail Hacks
Photo via Nail Itt Blog

10. Glitter Polish

Another problem we often experience if you use a lot of glitter polish. Is that when you apply it can be clumpy, lumpy, and bumpy. One way to fix that problem is using a technique known as the “dab, dip, & glide” method suggested by all lacquered up and demonstrated by the following video. Use this and you should get a smooth coat every time.

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