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Interested In Our Affiliate Program?

The Lifehack Store offers our affiliates 10% commission on all sales and a 60-day cookie duration. Our commission rates are among the highest in the industry, and with our 60-day cookie duration you can be sure you get paid for the sales you generate! You can advertise the Lifehack Store on your YouTube channel, websites or Social Media Networks using your custom coupon code. Alternatively, you can use a direct affiliate link. Each coupon code or affiliate link also provides 5% off to the customer.

Download Our Affiliate Guide.pdf

Why advertise the Lifehack Store? Our store has a very high conversion sales rate. This means the traffic you send to us will generate more sales than most other stores. This means more conversions and profit for you. With a high commission, cookie duration, and conversion rate, you can monetize your YouTube and website traffic effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please familiarize yourself with our affiliate guide.pdf

I have a YouTube channel, can I become an affiliate?

Yes, our affiliate program is primarily designed for YouTubers! You just need to plug your custom coupon code into your videos, or paste your affiliate link into your description. Many YouTubers will provide a short verbal reference to their coupon code or affiliate link at the end of their videos.

How do I get paid?

We pay all our affiliates on the 15th of each month via Paypal. We have a $10 minimum payout amount.

What commission structure do you offer?

The Lifehack Store offers a 10% flat rate commission for all affiliates. This commission rate applies to all products within our store.

What does 'cookie duration' mean?

If you send someone to our store, we will attribute anything they purchase within 60-days to your affiliate account. This means if you send someone to our website on Monday, but they don't purchase anything until Friday, you will still earn your commission for that sale. This way you can ensure you get paid for the sales you generate.

Why should I partner with the Lifehack Store rather than other online shops?

Three reasons:

1. We offer one of the highest commission rates in the industry to all affiliates, 10%.

2. Our cookie duration is also among the highest in the industry, 60 days.

3. The Lifehack Store is a young, viral website that has very high sales rates. This means the people you send to our site will be more likely to purchase products than other affiliate shops. This means more conversions and commissions for you.

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