25 Great Pet Hair Removal Hacks

If you’re a pet owner, then chances are you’ve ran into this problem before; pet hair!! And asked yourself at one point what is the best method for pet hair removal.

If your pet owner, and more than likely you will appreciate this list of pet hacks. At one point in your life you’ve probably asks yourself what is the best method for pet hair removal. We have all been there, hair covers your cloths, furniture, floors and car. If you are like most of us you have tried many different methods to de-fur your home so that you don’t end up as fluffy as they are. I’ve scoured the Internet in search of the best life hacks to solve this common problem.

Pet Hair Prevention

1. Consistent Brushing

The best possible solution to pet hair is prevention. Brushing your dog or cat as much as possible (especially during shedding season) will dramatically reduce the amount of hair that you find all over…. Well everything.

Pet Hair Prevention
Photo via flickr

Depending on the type of animal and the type of coat they have there are several different options when it comes to brushing. Choosing the right type of brush for their coat can sometimes be a trial and error type of situation. So, it’s better to do your research before you make the final decision.

Personally, my cats respond well to the KONG ZoomGroom, Cat Grooming Brush. But my dog on the other hand needed a more delicate brush one that conquered his undercoat like the 2 Sided Undercoat Rake2 Sided Undercoat Rake…. But he hated every minute of it.

2. Pet Hair Vacuum

If you are more daring and your pet is willing to tolerate it there is several different vacuums that have special attachments that will brush and remove the hair all in one swoop. Such as the Penn Plax VacGroom.

You can also use a DIY model and put a stocking or thin sock over the vacuum hose and use the vacuum as a brush and it supposedly does wonders for picking up those last remaining hairs.

Nylon on Vacuum
Photo via Instructionalable

4. Special Dog Mat

The best idea I found was to have a special Dog mat that is specially created to attract hair. Like this one

Pet Hair Collecting Mat

Then every time you brush your dog, do it on this mat and the hair will not circulate all around your house.

Other factors can affect the amount of hair your pet sheds. Their diet for example. Feeding them good quality food loaded with vitamins can improve their coats health and prevent them from shedding so much.

Home Improvements

5. Clean You House

Outside of steps that you can do to your pet, there is also minor adjustments you can make to your house to reduce the amount of pet hair that is circulating in the air. Cleaning your HVAC, air-ducts, furnace filters, or air filters of any kinds on a regular basis prevents the dander settlement from re-circulating to all the places in your house.

Cleaning HVAC
Photo via Flickr

6. Static Guard

You can also prevent hair from clinging onto soft surfaces by spraying your furniture with an antistatic spray, such as Static Guard. This removes the static charge that holds on the fur to the fabric and makes the area easier to clean.

Soft Furniture

Speaking of soft furniture let’s move right into couches, chairs or any upholstered piece of furniture that seems to collect fur like a magnet.

7. Rubber Glove

The most popular pet hack for these comfy pieces is the method. It’s easy and inexpensive! All you need is a pair of rubber gloves. Simply rub your hand over the hair covered area and whalla the hair is stuck to the glove and no longer on your couch. Then dip the glove in a bucket of water and rinse and repeat until the area is de-furred. This also works great for your vehicle cushions!

Rubber Glove for hair removal
Photo via SuperCoolPets

8. Squeegee

Another tip that works great for your car and couch is the squeegee and the spray bottle with water trick. This is great for getting imbedded hair out of those hard to reach places.

Squeegee for Pet Hair
Photo via CareABeraASara

9. Couch Covers

Other simple trick that can work anywhere is to simply cover the area with a drop cloth or couch cover over your furniture and ensure to clean it regularly. This way you can just pick up the hair and be on your way.

Couch Cover
Photo via Town-n-Country-Living

10. Balloons

Yet another simple and inexpensive way to remove hair from your pet and upholstery is to simply use a balloon. By rubbing the balloon over the hair filled area, the static electricity from the balloon will pick up any loose hair in the area.

Photo via TheKrazyCouponLady

11. Lint Rollers

I would bet that if you are reading this and are a pet owner your house is equipped the with the good old fashion lint roller to combat your basic hairy situations. Don’t get me wrong lint rollers are great; however, if you used them to de-fur your entire house it could get expensive and wasteful. Yet, there are a couple other household items that will do the same trick without the waste basket full of sticky paper.

Lint Roller
Photo via Flickr

12. Hair Spray

Hairspray and a wet rag or paper towel work just as well. Simply stray one side of the dish rag and press the coated side firmly on the fur covered surface, and continue this process until the entire side is covered. Then rinse the cloth in soap water and run the saturated rag over the couch to remove any leftover residue.

Hair Spray
Photo via EHow

13. Velcro

Other common household product that will do the same is good old fashion Velcro. Just rub prickly side of the Velcro over the surface and the fibers will pick up the loose hairs.

Photo via TheKrazyCouponLady

Hardwood Furniture

Now on the other side of the furniture spectrum is the hard-surfaced furniture; specifically, wood furniture. Now wood and hard surfaces might be the easiest to get rid of the pesky all over hair, but where it might be easy to wipe it away with a rag. It also comes back almost as fast as you can remove it and there are annoying little places that seem to attract hair like a magnet.

14. Emery Board

For example, the bottom of the chairs legs. Never fails you will always find some there; however, one of the easiest ways to get rid of it is with an emery board.

Emery Board
Photo via SnapGuide

One swipe and its gone, no damage to the felt or the board.

15. Repel Dust

To prevent dust from sticking to your furniture like a magnet its best to us a soft cloth and furniture polish or anti-static dusting spray. But if you don’t have any of that handy you can always use this trick from Readers Digest and use fabric softener and water. Simply put1 part softener and 4 parts waters into a squirt bottle. Spray a little of the solution on a cloth, wipe down the surface, then dry off. The spray will remove electric charge so simple pick up and prevent it from coming back.

Homemade Pet Hair Repellent
Photo via FaithTap

16. MicroFiber

Another cheaper, reusable way to remove the hair off of hardwood or upholstery furniture, is just by using microfiber cloth. By using this method, the hair easily just rolls and the cloth and you can use it again and again.

Microfiber cloth
Photo via CleanGreenSimple


I know for me at least I have to vacuum my carpet at least once a day. And It never fails within 15 minutes it is loaded with for all over again. At times, I just come to accept it, you have pets you can have Harry carpets however there is some ways to make it easier on you to clean and keep clean.

17. Rubber Sole

The easiest, but probably most time-consuming, way is to rub anything that has a rubbery surface of the top. This includes your shoe soles, easy convenient everyone got him. You can use them out there meant to be made and try to get some more steps in for the day, or you can just put them in her hands using is a rag.

Rubber Sole for pet removal
Photo via WikiHow

18. Pumice Stone

Another great tool that works well as a pumice stone. Is the same tool that you would use to remove dead skin generally during a pedicure. Due to its coarse nature not only does a good job pulling skin from your feet but it also does a great job of pulling hair from carpet.

Pumice Stone for Pet Hair Removal
Photo via EcoTouch

Vacuum Aids

Vacuums are great when it comes to pair sometimes they just don’t always do the trick. But there’s a couple of things that you can use to help loosen the hair from the carpet and then use the vacuum and I promise you you’ll get twice as much air versus the normal vacuum use.

19. Baking Soda

Not only does baking soda work great on the hair it also deodorizers!

Baking Soda for Pet Hair Removal
Photo via MedsMatter

20. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener also works really great on carpets to, according to livingdirect if you add 3 cups hot water, 1 cup of Dawn’s dish detergent, 1 cup white vinegar and your 1 cup of fabric softener you got yourself a steam clean carpet treatment as well.

Fabric Softener for Removing Pet Hair
Photo via LearnLivingDirect

21. AntiStatic Spray

This method removes the static charge so it makes it easier to pick up there with the vacuum. Also according to good housekeeping if you adjust your vacuum to the height of where your brush just skims the carpet surface you get more hair by just using a slightly different technique.

Anti-Static for Pet Hair Removal
Photo via CaraSelleDirect


Oh…. the never-ending joys of the unintentional fur coat. I guess the good part about it is that you can take your pet just about anywhere; however, it’s not always the most convenient or stylish. So here some tips that will help you cuddle up to your fur babies and not regret it later. Although a lot of the methods that we’ve Artie mentioned to work on clothing as well there is a couple excellent in here that will also do the trick.

22. Dryer

If you have any at home when you notice large amounts of air you can always throw the closing to the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets for about 10 minutes generally think antistatic of the dryer sheets and the movement of the dryer should loosen the hair right up.

Dryer for Pet Hair Removal
Photo via Flickr

23. Washer

If you’re dealing with a lot of dirty clothes, you can add a half cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine the vinegar will help clothes relax and released the hair.

Washing for Hair Removal
Photo via Flickr

24. Lotion

Now if you happen to be away from home and you just want a quick fix for a small area of hair you can put lotion on her hands, or just what them down with water, and the hair will stick your hands not so much to your favorite shirt.

Lotion for Pet Hair Removal
Photo via Flickr

25. Sponge

Another great trick is don’t want to get your hands dirty is to just grab a slightly moistened sponge and rub out the stop, the hair will just roll off into the sponge and your hair free.

Sponge for Pet Hair Removal

26. Dryer Sheets

Even if you’re away from your dryer and you just use the sheet as a magnet, it’s antistatic pull should grab the hair from just about anywhere.

Dryer Sheets for Pet Hair Removal

27. Balloons

On the reverse side of the static spectrum, you can work with the static and just grab a balloon. By rubbing it on yourself you will create a static charge and the static will attract the hair to the balloon instead of your clothes.

Cat and Balloon

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